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A Testimonial from Joshua Scott

Being able to work with Eugene was unlike any tutoring experience I have ever had. He made the concepts I was learning in class more clear than the professor ever could. Being a college student, I constantly had many difficult classes to deal with; with Eugene’s help, he helped me make one less class to worry about. Eugene helped me excel beyond what I had ever thought I could do.

Before meeting with Eugene, I had been struggling with my college math courses. I had received a D in a college algebra course and needed help regaining and mastering my knowledge of the subject. After spending the following semester together, I mastered the course my second time through and was able to get a B in the class. The next math course seemed daunting, however, with Eugene’s help; I passed the class with an A.

Eugene helped me gain the study skills I needed to succeed, the knowledge of the material, as well as faith in myself that I can do any problem thrown my way.

Eugene impacted me more than most teachers/professors I have had my whole life. He made what I perceived to be the most difficult problem ever, to be the simplest equation. I could email, call, and text him any time anywhere with any problem. He always returned my calls and questions with accurate answers and within a timely manner. I would suggest Eugene to anyone if they struggled with math. I always hated math with a passion because I never could fully grasp the concepts being taught. With Eugene’s guidance and assistance, I actually began to enjoy math.