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A Testimonial from Michael Salas

Genies Center of Educational Excellence can help any high school student succeed in mathematics. Any high school student that is willing to put in the work will succeed in conquering mathematics with Eugene's help. He will meet you at any time and any place to make sure you understand the material. Eugene had no problem meeting me at 0530 to go over material I needed to know for a test. He truly cared about my success.

Before the Eugene experience I was struggling in Algebra II. After almost failing, I contacted Eugene and scheduled an appointment to get some help. On the first lesson, he evaluated my math skills and made a plan to fix my weak spots. I was amazed with how much effort he was willing to give in order to help me succeed. There were a lot of early mornings when he would meet me before school at a local coffee shop and help me review for my graded events. He took me from the basics to the advanced stuff and made math fun. By graduation I felt supremely confident in my mathematical skills. I never would have thought I was going to major in anything math related once I got to college however, Eugene's help was so substantial that I ended up majoring in Mechanical Engineering at West Point. Without Eugene I would never have had the math background or the confidence to pursue mathematics in college.

On a personal note, Eugene had such an impact on my life that I continue to visit him every time I come home on leave. Understanding math opened so many doors for me that I cannot thank Eugene enough, but I sure as hell can try.

CDT Michael Salas
USMA 2014

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