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A Testimonial from alina pogorelova

I have always struggled in Math since Elementary school. I started working with Eugene and his staff in 6th grade. Since then, he has helped me understand math in a way that is coherent with my study habits and my way of learning. He really gets to know his students and always pushes them to do their best.

One of my biggest accomplishments that I couldn’t have achieved without him was raising my ninth grade Geometry grade up from an F to a high B. In ninth grade I became very lazy and stopped attending tutoring sessions with Eugene. I struggled greatly in passing my math class and in the middle of my second semester I decided that it was time to be more hardworking and ambitious, given that I had a failing grade. I called Eugene right away and without question; he agreed to help me raise my grade up. I met with him about twice a week every week until the day of my final. He taught me the material that I was learning in a way that completely matched with my learning style.

I began to understand things that were so confusing to me before and I was able to receive A’s and high B’s on tests and quizzes that I would probably fail without him. He pushed me to study harder and to become a more organized and hard working person. At the end of the semester when I saw a B in Geometry on my report card, I was completely shocked and so thankful. I knew I couldn’t let this tutor go; he was too good at his job. I decided to keep working with him and his incredibly intelligent staff since present time, and I am now a senior in High School. Since working with Eugene and his staff, I have not had an overall grade lower than a B+ in my math classes. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a math tutor. He definitely knows what he is doing and I would expect great results.

Alina Pogorelova
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