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A Testimonial from Dr. pogorelov

Since working with Eugene and his staff, my daughter has been a more ambitious, intelligent, and confident student. My daughter has always struggled in math, but the peak of her struggle was in ninth grade when she was failing her Geometry class second semester. At that time, she was not attending tutoring sessions with Eugene, but in the middle of the semester we realized that she was at her ultimate downfall and that she needed Eugene’s help.

They started working with each other right away and in less than a month, my daughter was getting A’s and high B’s on her tests and quizzes in Geometry. Eugene encouraged her to stay on this track of success and together they miraculously raised her grade up from an F to a high B.

I was completely shocked and amazed at this accomplishment. He is an amazing tutor and has not only helped my daughter raise her math grades, but also helped her gain the confidence and ambition she needed to get good grades in all of her classes throughout High School.

My daughter’s ninth grade grades were short of mediocre. After working with Eugene and raising her math grade up to such a tremendous extent, I noticed a huge spark of confidence in her. Seeing that she could get good grades if she worked hard and set goals for herself, my daughter gained the confidence to receive an overall GPA of a 4.1 throughout Sophomore and Junior year. I definitly give substantial credit to Eugene for shaping my daughter into a hard working, ambitious, and goal minded student. Without his help, my daughter would not be where she is now. I would recommend him to everyone.

Dr. Pogorelov
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