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A Testimonial from Vicky Graham

I would highly recommend Genies Center of Educational Excellence to any student needing help with Math.

Eugene is the most inspiring, helpful, patient person I have ever encountered regarding Math and helping my son succeed with his education.

My son was in a remedial math program and was very nervous about going to high school and being able to succeed in Algebra, geometry and Algebra II. Not only did my son succeed, but he learned to enjoy Math.

Eugene makes you want to do your best. My son received A's and B's in Math during high school. My son would have never been able to attain these scores without the knowledge, professionalism, and hard work that Eugene gave to us.

Eugene believes in success through Math. Because of Eugene's belief, my son was successful in other avenues he took.

My son has been accepted to the University of Arizona and his on a path to become a commercial airline pilot.

Thanks again Eugene!! You are the best!!!