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A Testimonial from Linsay Frederick

My daughter truly admires and likes Eugene. She respects him, listens and learns from him and excels in her honors math classes-usually being at the top of her math class-since she began working with Eugene! Eugene cares about his students and my daughter can see that. It inspires and motivates her.

My daughter began struggling in math in junior high. This was not for lack of brain power, but lack of focus and interest. Prior to that, she had always done very well in all subjects, including math. Eugene helped her to focus and realize that she has strong abilities in math. She now looks forward to her math classes! She routinely gets high A's, 98 and above, and is disappointed with a low 90! I cannot ask for more than that!

My daughter gained self-confidence, not only in math, but in all of her classes and has become a straight A student! I believe that by excelling in math, due to Eugene's tutoring, she gained the confidence back that she needed to focus and excel at all of her classes. My daughter and I would recommend Genies Center of Educational Excellence to anyone.

Linsay Frederick
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