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A Testimonial from Sarita Flaming

My son attends a private school here in San Diego. He is currently taking Algebra I and his teacher expects and requires his students to keep up with his fast paced method of teaching. Every night he assigns homework, a lot of it. My son is not strong in math and was feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated with his inability to understand the material and keep up with the pace of the class. After meeting with the teacher, he suggested we contact Genies Center of Educational Excellence. We did and what a difference it has made! Best decision we made for our son, and us!

Our first meeting was an evaluation of our son's math skills. Eugene personally did the assessment. After the hour and a half meeting, he was able to properly assess his understanding and his areas of weakness that would need to be addressed. Eugene was patient, supportive and encouraging. My son felt comfortable and open to Eugene's suggestions and comments. After the assessment Eugene contacted me and paired my son up with one of his tutors, Jeff.

Eugene & Jeff have my son's school log in information and they monitor his assigned homework and follow up on quiz/test results. My son meets with Jeff one to two times a week. Jeff is flexible with his schedule when needed. Both Eugene and Jeff have my son's email and cell phone number and they contact him directly with any questions or comments. They also communicate with him when he does well on a quiz or test. This means a lot to my son. They prepared him for his semester final very well, so well he got a B on it!

If you are undecided whether or not to have your son or daughter receive tutoring from Genies Center of Educational Excellence, I would highly encourage that you do. They are professional, well run and are passionate about helping your son/daughter do well. They have taken ownership of my son's math class this year, relieving us from the stress, pressure and nightly fights here in our home. My son actually looks forward to going to tutoring. If you get paired with Jeff, consider yourself extremely lucky. He is the best! I feel so strongly about this tutoring company that I have already referred several people to them, all of which are extremely happy with their services.

Sarita Flaming
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