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A Testimonial from Susan Evans

I have had Eugene work with each of my three children. My oldest son attended Francis Parker and was at best a B student in mid level math. He did reasonably well but never enjoyed the subject much. We found our way to Eugene to help my son finish 9th grade, stronger than he had in the first semester. The results were simply astonishing. After the second quiz he never earned anything lower than a 95%. The results were almost too good to be believed. I started to look at my sons homework and compared the before and after product, the two were completely different. Gone was the disorganized flow of work. What had replaced it was exceedingly exact in format. Eugene demands not only the proper answer to each question but of equal importance to him is a methodical process to get there. Steps are never skipped, mental calculations and other shortcuts are forbidden in Eugene’s world. This served my son well in upper levels of high school math where these habits allowed him to exceed. My son was admitted to MIT and placed into freshman high-level courses. As a parent it is often difficult to attribute any one teacher with success that made the difference in your child’s life, I have no such difficulty, Eugene made all the difference in my sons life.

My second child had even a tougher time with math in lower school. Eugene also taught him the skills he needed to not only learn math but to enjoy the process as well. He is now a freshman at Cornell University.

My daughter is our youngest child. She had the added benefit of starting with Eugene in 6th grade, before the bad habits could start. I believe her overall organizational skills have been greatly shaped by Eugene’s strong but gentle teaching style. My daughters success in both Math and Science in large measure is due to Eugene’s efforts in shaping her mind to work in a set of progressive steps that is crucial in today’s high tech world.

I have recommended Eugene Itkin to both my family and friends. I hear stories of similar success from each of them. There are not many real leaders; Eugene is one of those very special people that will have a profound affect on your children’s future.