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A Testimonial from Dr. Daniel Einhorn, MD

As an educator myself, I can attest that Eugene Itkin is the finest teacher I have ever known. He is that unique tutor who instills confidence in his student, finding the right way to explain, the right pace, the right tone. He understands the student's perspective, character, and skills. Eugene is tenacious; working with him is transformational.

Our daughter is a perfect example. She was certain that she "just didn't have a math brain". Eugene quickly sized up the issues and established a mindset that they were a team and together there was nothing they couldn't figure out. Our daughter went from cringing at the thought of numbers to eagerly awaiting sessions with Eugene. Overhearing some of their sessions,

I can tell you that Eugene has the patience of Job, never getting discouraged, always showing a new strategy to accomplish the task. He knows what is most important for the courses and what is not. Our daughter, who was suffering through regular math, went on to achieve the highest scores in advanced math. More importantly, she learned what she could accomplish what seemed impossible. This is a lesson for life.

Dr. Daniel Einhorn, MD
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