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A Testimonial from robert e. caya

My sons had been high "B" math students most of their educational careers. Both of them suddenly found themselves struggling to obtain a passing grade in their classes. Eugene Itkin was recommended to us as a "lifesaver" to struggling math students by other parents.

Eugene sat down with each of my boys individually and worked on some math problems for about an hour. Within that time, Eugene verified not just their limits of knowledge in math but also about their characteristics and interests. I was amazed at his ability to read what made both boys 'tick" so to speak. This is important because Eugene was able to apply the correct teaching styles immediately.

The results have been that one of my sons went from a "D" to an "A" and the other son from a "D" to a "B". In addition, Eugene monitors the boys' assignments and grades weekly holding them accountable throughout the semester. Their confidence and enjoyment levels related to math have skyrocketed!

Robert E. Caya
President of Standard Drywall, Inc.

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