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A Testimonial from alex rogers

Genies tutored all three of my kids while they were at La Jolla Country Day School. One, the youngest, worked with him over the long term. He steadily had top grades in his class. The other two were more along the line of "emergency projects." Genies was amazing. Eugene was incredibly dedicated and tireless. He really came through for them in a very short time frame, bringing them up to speed in their classes when they were desperately in need of help.

Put it this way - if I had it to do over again with all three kids, I would have just insisted that they all work with him from the beginning of 9th grade. The before and after was remarkable. He was superb.

My youngest child had top grades, due to his steady work with Genies. The other two were brought out of difficult situations into a position where they could succeed. With the help of Genies, both of them were able to succeed in their weakest subject, math, and ensure a successful transition to good colleges.

All three of my kids love Eugene Itkin. They would run through a wall for him. They regard him not just as a tutor, but as a friend and someone who contributed every bit as much to their education as any of the best teachers they had at La Jolla Country Day. When they are home from school, they call him and go visit. They hold him in the highest regard and are very grateful for his contribution to their success.