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A Testimonial from ANGELA BANKS

My experience with Eugene was unique and very helpful because contrary to most tutors, Eugene always knows exactly what to do during our lessons. Instead of having to direct him and tell him what I don't understand, he always knows exactly what to do and say. He stays on top of scheduling, and is always available when I need him. He always knows exactly what I am learning in class, and has a better way of teaching the material than my math teacher in school does. Thanks to Eugene I completely understand even the most difficult math topics in honors classes.

Before working with Eugene I struggled with math and hated it. I never thought that I would be able to handle the most difficult honors math classes that my school has to offer, but because of Eugene I was not only able to handle them, but also got phenomenal grades.

While working with Eugene, I have mastered even the most complex math topics and classes. I have now had straight A's in honors math classes throughout classes, and I would never have been able to do this without him. He is an amazing tutor. I never have once felt embarrassed to not understand something and have never been afraid to ask him a question. I have also never left a lesson without him having made the material absolutely 100% clear to me. I have worked with many tutors in high school, and Eugene is the only person who has been able to do this. I have referred him to a few of my friends and they agree, talent like his is extremely hard to come by, and I could never have excelled as much as I have in high school without him.