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Summer Study and Enrichment Plan

With one-on-one tutoring, we can accomplish something that typically takes months to complete. Please do not miss this opportunity to start the next school year with the tools necessary for success!

Our program is 5 weeks long. Upon assessment and individual need, each student will be recommended a certain number of hours per week. Additionally, to accomodate your summer plans, these 5 weeks do not have to be consecutive weeks.

The goal of this summer is to create a foundation that will facilitate lasting success in mathematics. Although at times it may seem that you are doing busy work, it is important to understand that a foundation is created through proper thinking and practice. At first, all students will start with the basics. When we feel basic mathematical operations are second nature to you, we will give you a preview of the curriculum that will be covered in your next course.

Depending on which course you are enrolled in for Fall, your individual summer program will include one of the following:
Geometry: Yes, there are numerous theorems and definitions that must be understood and memorized. As intimidating as that may sound, our goal this summer is to present Geometry and her axioms in a structured and organized manner—one that will allow you to see Geometry as a beautiful language, not as a collection of theorems and definitions.
Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus: Our unique way of presenting the material for these courses will help you solidify and expand on concepts that you are already familiar with. At this level, we will prepare and take exams that mimic the chapter tests that you will be given throughout the school year.
Pre-Calculus: Mathematical concepts will be viewed through numerical, graphical, and algebraical lenses. We will spend time on thoroughly understanding the twelve basic functions that serve as an outline for your course.
Calculus: We will recap trigonometry and the essentials of Pre-Calculus. In addition, we will go into an in-depth analysis of what a derivative is and basic derivative rules.

If applicable, we will heavily cover PSAT, SAT, and ACT and focus on the relations between the concepts covered in your course and these standardized tests.

For a more complete detailed plan of our summer program, click here to download.