Specialized program

Genies Center understands that a large part of achieving success in challenging courses has to do with factors outside of the curriculum. Whether students are facing learning disabilities or need assistance in managing their academic progress, through personal sessions with Eugene, students develop specific strategies for success, breakdown internal barriers, build confidence, and gain the tools that allow them to success beyond the classroom.

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My daughter truly admires and likes Eugene. She respects him, listens and learns from him and excels in her honors math classes-usually being at the top of her math class-since she began working with Eugene! Eugene cares about his students and my daughter can see that. It inspires and motivates her.....”

Linsay Frederick
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I definitly give substantial credit to Eugene for shaping my daughter into a hard working, ambitious, and goal minded student. Without his help, my daughter would not be where she is now....”

Dr. Pogorelov
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